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The human body and mind are intertwined. We are all individually unique, but we are also so incredibly alike and interconnected. Being and remaining physically and mentally active is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to self-medicate and to improve or sustain personal health and wellbeing. Sports & Health technology can help us to learn to ‘listen to our body and mind’ and to support individual, personalized feedback and to accelerate learning, which could potentially benefit everybody, if properly used, interpreted and applied.
However, much of the existing sports & health tech is generating tsunamis of data that are very hard to handle, even for the most seasoned data scientists.
BBO (‘Be-Bio’) is a consulting firm, with the mission to bring data to life, empowering people to validate ‘user centric’ use cases or business cases in the context of health, lifestyle or sports, where data-driven technology plays a key role. BBO’s services focus on the initial stages of innovation and aim to accelerate project activities, by integrating and leveraging wearables, sensors or other ambulant data-capture technologies, that are meant to improve health, quality of life, performance or technique of the designated individual or the group.
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BBO services give meaning to data, enable stakeholders to benefit from data-driven technologies and support communities to learn from each other and grow.